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This is one of my favorite quotes of the day. It is something I learned from my friend and mentor, Dr. David Johnson.

This quote is a great example of how one can think of a great quote that we can do.

Dr. Johnson is the author of “The Psychology of Everyday Life”, which is a great book.

Dr. David Johnson is the co-founder of the American Psychological Association and the leading authority on psychological theory and practice. He is co-author of the A.A.A.S.T. model of personality and has written over 140 books on other topics.

Dr. Johnson’s favorite quote is “In order to live a good life, you have to know how to use your mind.” That seems to be a great quote and one we can all use in our personal lives.

The most common answer to the question is “no, but I’ll be the first to admit that”. Our “curse of the hour” is the best answer. This is the answer I want to offer.

The answer? It’s just not us! We can’t even use our minds because it’s too painful. So instead of answering the question, we look for another answer that will be easier. In my experience people are afraid to talk about mental anguish. Often, it goes unrecognized by those closest to us. It’s easier to hide it behind a person’s ego than face the pain.

Forget that we can’t get better. We can’t talk about the world or the story we’ve been told.

This is a very good point. When we think about any subject that is beyond our control, we often have to look at ourselves as a victim. Most of the things we have control over are things that are beyond our control except maybe for the weather. We don’t have control over the weather. We can control the number of hours we spend outside, the amount of calories we burn, and the volume of air we breathe. But nothing else. That’s the point.

The point is that we are not the victim of any one event. We can do things to control the weather, but thats it. We can stop a hurricane, but that doesnt change the fact that we cant change it. We can make it rain or snow, but that doesnt change the fact that we cant stop it. There is nothing we can do to stop the weather. The only thing we can do is to change our attitudes to it.


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