electric animals

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I just had one of those life changing moments with my electric dog. His ears were turning purple and his breathing was slowing. I got out of the shower and picked him up while he was still in my arms. He was still so tiny it took me a moment to get him to sit. I was so amazed at his energy that I was amazed at myself for being so slow to take him to the vet for his routine check-up.

When I look at the screen, I’m reminded of my old friends with the time travel movies. The one time I got a picture of my new toys that I wanted to play with, I was so embarrassed because the only toys were toys I had on hand that I wished I had never had. I really think that’s the most important thing that we have that we’re doing this to ourselves.

Now I have to go check on him because I know Im not the only one who thinks this. Even those with pets also think the electric animal is one of the coolest things ever. And its not just for those of us who don’t have pets.

To be blunt, my favorite kind of pet is my sister, who is a cartoonist. I can’t help but think that she’s the type of pet that I know she is. She’s a cute little black cat so she can be around any time of day…

Well I think it’s interesting that our pets seem to have a similar mentality as our own. I’m not talking about the cute little black cat in the picture above, but my other sister, who is a dog owner is equally cute. I think being around a dog or cat is like having a family. I think your pets love you for who you are. They are your friends. They are there to protect you. They are always there for you.

Pets are our friends, but they are also our companions. We are just as much a part of their lives as they are ours.

It’s hard to be a companion to a pet. My sister always has pets but I don’t. We have a cat, but we don’t own one. We have two dogs but we don’t own a cat. We have a dog, but I don’t own a cat. I think it’s because we never really had pets. We always had dogs or cats, but we never had pets. At least, not as pets.

You know what? I think we do. You can be a friend to a pet. You can be a companion to a pet. You can be an enemy to a pet. You can be an ally to a pet. You can be a friend to a pet, but you can’t be an enemy to your pet.

The thing that gets me about electric animals is that the fact that they can be friendly or hostile is such a nebulous term. I mean we can say that electric animals are “good” or “evil” but that doesn’t really describe them. Sure they can be friendly and helpful, but they can also be hostile, hostile to children, and hostile to those around them. They can also be helpful, but they can also be hostile.

For example, the electric dog from a few days ago. He seemed a little friendly, but he was constantly in my face trying to get me to pet him. I tried petting him twice, then I moved on to a new dog. I tried petting this dog twice more, and then I tried petting this dog a third time. I tried petting this dog a fourth time, and then I tried petting this dog a fifth time.


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